Shame of the World “Over one million people was perished within 100 days )

Shame of the Word (International communities) by Secretary General (United nation) António Guterres in his message in reflecting on the commemoration of the Genocide against Tusti 1994 in Rwanda; he say that we remember with shame as the failure of international communities; Over one million people was perished within one hundred days, they honor the memory of the victims, they pay tribute to the resilience of the survivors, they remember with shame as the failure of international community”

A generation since the genocide, we must never forget what happened – and ensure future generations always remember.

In 1994 People was Killed, Globally no one who came to save the people who was being killed which lead to over one Million people to be killed in few days (100 days)


“Nobody will ever decide for us how to live our lives, we have strength; incredible strength coming from this history that inform us, that tell us that we should never never allow anybody else to dictate to you; how you live your lives and that is Rwanda today, we are polite people, we are humble people, we know where we came from, we know where we are…” HE Paul Kame President republic of Rwanda, on the day of starting commemoration of victims, Genocide Against Tusti in 1994


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