How to write Job application email (Six tip to follow)

Successful Job application

How to write a Winning job application email with immediate results; Business partnership Global have organized six tip you must consider when someone is making job application. and also have you ever meet with difficulties to write winning job application email to an institution? we have organize six tip you must consider when someone is making job application.

Subject of email:

To get immediate result, consider subject line of your email, you should summarize the purpose of your email. for example Application for programme officer at xxxx . when there is person you need to cop or give him your copy email remember to click on cc

Formal salutation:

Begin your email by “Dear Mr./Ms./Dr. when you don’t know clear recipient better to start with “Dear Sir/Madam”


This is very key party, during to apply for job, introduction part you have to start by introducing yourself and reason for your application, at this tome you have to start with by clearing the reason for your application


This part is very important, here you have time to express your skills, experience with order so that employer be able to scale you capacity, you don’t have to forget your academic achievement, and even your overall achievement over past years.


to conclude all, you have to end up with you call for action to the employer, what need for them, simply request them to give you a response (feedback), remember to end with polite closing like Best Regards, Kind regards….


put you digital signature in case you don’t have it, put you name and you direct contact.

Attachment this last step when your are applying for job it better to attach your cv (Resume so that

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