Call for application “Certified Professional attitude and Soap Productional”

Think Business partnership Global (BPG) is a Social enterprise which is a community based project that was conceptualized by passionate, committed and enthusiastic social entrepreneur and other partners. BPG project was set up to promote the creation of jobs, youth empowerment, economic development and poverty alleviation. The project is specialized  in providing soft skills to the school leavers by offering on the services; One month’s Chicks to the successful youths from our project poultry farming training, Poultry farming and entrepreneurial skills, Soft skill (Communication skill, CV writing and Interview preparation) in this regard BPG have prepared within this February Certified Professional attitude and Soap making training to facilitate school leaver in the life out of school.

Dear fresh graduate (School leaver) and others who may be interested, after BPG obtained grant to facilitate fresh graduate and other school leavers, to obtain necessary skills to fight against unemployment among the youth and women.  BPG have organized training which will be offered for free basis and other few cost related with soap production and certificate

‘Save your future to day by upgrading your skills through BPG training!’

Course Title: Professional Attitude and Handmade skills (Soap making)

Training dates:

  • -Professional Attitude, 9-10February 2024
  • -Soap Production 17 February 2024
  • Graduation ceremony on 17 February 2024
  • Number of days: 3 days:
  • Training will happen in Hybrid mode
  • Phone: call and WhatsApp: 0793898821

1. Introduction

BPG is a social enterprise that work with fresh graduate and non-graduate in the process of job creation, job opportunities, handmade skills… we work with different partners. In December 2023 BPG receive grant to facilitate the young (fresh graduate in leveraging them and showing them the society of today.

Who should attend:

  • Fresh University graduates
  • Person who finished their secondary studies
  • Non-fresh graduate. Person who finished their study within more two years
  • Youth of all category
  • Women in different age
  • Others

2. Workshop expected outcomes

  • Writing Professional CV, and sample provided
  • Writing professional cover letter. Sample provided
  • Interview preparation before, D-day, after
  • Navigating the job platform search us e-recruitment, LinkedIn, another platform
  • Job searching process
  • Communication with employer and other professionals.
  • Soap making process
  • Packaging soap process
  • Selling strategy of soap making

3. Course content 

This course will cover the following sub-topics: 

DayTopic description
1Job searching Process: Familiarize with the process of job application and updating every day Communication process: professional email writing; does and don’ts, formal communication and informal communication which should be avoided  CV writing: exploring different format of CV and why CV is needed in every institution. Cover writing: Create professional cover letter. Interview preparation process before and after: Master the power of winning of every interview and tips and tricks which are behind to win the interview.
2Use of Computer and smartphone to Apply for an Job application: Navigating by use  of smartphone or computer to apply for Job by creating account via MIFOTRA E-recruitment, resetting MIFOTRA account, Apply via MIFOTRA. LinkedIn account creation and start job application via that professional app Navigating with another job website application such as Africa union carrier and other platform
3Production of Soap process Soap making process: planning and starting of all process of soap making from scratch Packaging soap process: designing good brand of soap making Selling strategy of soap making: step by step of marketing strategy

4. Programs

1Day 1 OnlineFebruary 9, 202414: 00’am6p.m
2Day 2 OnlineFebruary 10, 202410:003:30Pm
3Day 3 Hybrid (Online and face to face)February17 , 2024 Graduation ceremony11:00a.m4:00Pm

5. Training methods

This training will be participatory training with high degree of involvement. Hybrid methodology training will help to reach to many people especially in producing soap and other skills.

6. Issuance of Certificates 

Think Business partnership Global BPG is recognized social enterprise and registered in the domain, will issues certificate which is highly recognized.

Click here to Apply for the training

Deadline of application is on 8 February 2024, at Noon 12:00

Visit , and more detail on Interview

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