10 Most important Question for interview & Thing to do before interview)

Sustainable development goal 8, state that “decent work and economic growth” World-bank state that Economies grow when more workers have access to jobs and when workers are more productive(Wordbank) In this article we discuss 10 thing important question for interview so that you can get suitable job for you

  1. First important question is to Know the Interviewee: As a person who wish to get a job, you have to start by preparing yourself, Success start by knowing where you want a job, this will give you confidence, skills, and will give you the information related to the position you are applying for: Example: Go to website, see the information on their About us Page, Mission and Vision, Publication which made by organization, Strategic plan, Organization structure….
  2. Make research regarding your personal things: As a person willing to get a job, you have to make research on different things like time will take you to reach on the organization because punctuality it matters first, second way is to think on you dress conduct, thinking on positivity Attitude, resuming you CV and Pitch..
  3. Study and Make revision of the course, Before the interview you; you have to study by using all resource available related with positions this increase the confidence, during the interview there is general question and technical question example of general question: where do you see yourself within five years: Technical question: How we will get the goods we bought from Nigeria up to here
  4. Tell us about Yourself: Almost interview never miss this question, this means that you have to prepare yourself before go to the panel, remember by facing with the panel to take it easy so that you have to express you thought well. To answer this question you have to be straights and not go to non interested things like your gender, martial status, family background…. the Interview need, your capacity, experience, skills, education, simply they need your competence and qualification Example to Answer this Question: I am Paul WWWW , energized young person I am a holder of bachelor’s degree with honor in economics from University of Rwanda in 2018, I have background experience in logistics where I serve as logistics of YYYYYY company ltd over two years and currently I am Business coach at xxxxx ltd company from 2021 up to now. Shortly I have communication skills, Computer skills, I am objective oriented, I am Flexible, I have obtained necessary skills which I believe will enable me to perform well; if I am given opportunities. I therefore feel competent and willing to pursue all duties and responsibilities that will be accorded to me in the interest of the institution basing on my experience and academics.
  5. Why should we hire you? To Answer this question you have to put into another skill or asset that make difference with you and others, when you read the responsibilities and other things from the website you get difference, to answer the question you have to highlight your potentiality about the position example: I fulfill all the job requirements. However, I am sure some other applicants do fulfill it too. But I am a nice employee and always try to create a good environment on the workplace. I have other skills that I think other applicants do not have like communication skills, Computer skills, being objective oriented, being Flexible, having negotiation skills, having administrative and management skills, being well organized, etc
  6. What are your strengths? To answer this question you have to answer by referring on you potential you have, for example: 1 . I am very responsible and always accomplish all my duties on time. 2. I am pretty organized, what is strongly reflected in a quality of my work. 3, I have special skills not acquired at school like communication skills, Computer skills, being objective oriented, being Flexible, having negotiation skills, having administrative and management skills, being well organized, etc..
  7. What are your weaknesses? Every person have weakness, don’t say I don’t have weakness. highlight some of your weakness but show how you are overcoming that weakness For example: I am not very patient. That’s obviously bad. But I am working on it every day, trying to control myself and be more tolerant to the others. It’s not easy, but I definitely made good progress in recent years. Example 2: I trust people too much. It is nice to live with such feelings, but it caused me many troubles in the past. However, as I am getting older, I can much better distinguish friends from other people.
  8. What are your goals in five years ? To answer that question don’t say i want to replace you within five years, referred on this Example: I want to have a good job which is better rewarding and helping me to strength started small projects of raising the chicken which I believe will the source of employment to at least 20 people always within the vision of eradicating poverty in the region referring on sustainable development goal SDG1
  9. What are your salary expectations? this question is very critical because it may lead you to be underestimated or overestimated, you have to have make research before on their wages range so that will help to answer that question, fore example: First of all, salary is not a deciding factor for me. I really like the job description and want to get this job. Therefore, I will accept an average salary for this position but the salary which is above 800,000 RWF will be enough for me.
  10. Do you have any questions?, here take it as the opportunity for you, you have to ask question don’t say, I don’ts have question: For example: I have read job description, what is immediate activities for this position so that when I got opportunity at this position and start make research? 2: After analyzing the vision and mission the The institution, I find them to be very interesting; I want you to let me know some of your achievements of the organization within the past 10 years for ensuring that the vision and mission will be achieved. Thank you.

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